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12th April, 2012

As the online premiere of "AGENT" now approaches its explosive climax, the entire 10-part debacle has now been made into a lovely shiny DVD complete with a bonus sister episode entitled "Dark Falcon." In a very productive period for JCBC Films, our second volume of "Shorts" has also made its way digital versatile discwards... As pictured here!

With a few as-yet-unreleased and, frankly, shocking further "Shorts" to appear on the worldly-web presently, JCBC Films are now embarking upon their two biggest projects so far comprising of two pilot programmes, a sitcom and, in an exciting change of pace, the first ever JCBC Films drama! Watch this space!!!

26th February, 2012

"AGENT" is now well and truly underway on various platforms across the internet including facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Funny or Die. Click the links in the banner to see those or just hop across to the AGENT section of the JCBC Films website right here!

Alternatively, you don't have to click anywhere at all to see the lovely new image for the official poster and DVD just below!

22nd December, 2011

After an amazing summer filming with phone boxes, soldiers and farts (although not concurrently), JCBC Films are now ready to reveal their latest big project for 2012.

"AGENT" is a brand new 10-part Web Series which will premier on this site on New Year's Day 2012. It's the story of an unwitting everyman who is plunged into the world of government espionage with startlingly shocking and pungent results. They've got the wrong man.

Just click below to find it...

While you're all enjoying each new fortnightly episode, Blaine and Jamie will be beavering away, branching out into new areas involving many brilliant collaborators including a Sitcom pilot and also a Drama... Oooooooo!

Watch this space...

8th May, 2011

JCBC Films have been extremely busy over the past few months, not only writing, filming and editing many more short sketches which will be released on YouTube and Facebook over the next few months (so keep an eye out for them!) but also developing several brand new exciting projects delving into areas that are both new and challenging. These include a 10-part web-based mini-series for which we are already in the process of auditioning, as well as a couple of new full-length pilot episodes for filming in the autumn and pitching to production companies and broadcasters in the new year. One is a comedy-drama whilst the other is a more traditional sitcom.

News regarding all of these latest projects is available at the JCBC Films Facebook page...

In the meantime, we still have a great many new "shorts" on the way featuring many new great guest stars. Nip over to the "JCBC Guest Stars" section for a little glimpse of the poor devils!

As ever, for more info, or if you'd like to get involved, drop us a line at

16th January, 2011


One of the most extensive productions that JCBC Films has been involved with, to date, the 30-min sketch show pilot, "Worst Case Scenario" is now fully complete, packaged, duplicated and winging its way to various people all over the country...

The gloriously smooth and polished DVD (complete with free mini-poster) not only contains the programme in its shocking entirety in ooo-inspiring widescreen but also a great package of Bonus Scenes, Biographies, Photos and an Easter Egg.

Huge thanks to everyone involved, it has turned out fantastically, as we always knew it would. As hilarious, heart-warming and entertaining as it is disturbing, disorientating and horrifying, this bewildering collection of sketches and imagism will shake your corneas and various organs to their very bottoms.

Click here to go to the official Worst Case Scenario website.

21st November, 2010

The time is nigh...

The final sketch of "Worst Case Scenario" has now been completed... Not long now...

3rd June, 2010

Princial photography on "Worst Case Scenario" is now officially wrapped with only a sound effect or two to be acquired...

Many many thanks are due to many many people who have leant their time and talent to the project including actors, directors, writers, make-up artists, sound operators and location managers! Thanks to you all, you know who you are. And, if you don't, what the hell are you thinking??!

Now the involved task of editing and compiling all of the many sketches begins... Watch this space...

In the meantime, we are delighted to announce the completion of yet another JCBC project, our first radio production, "Blaine & Jamie's Big Jobs." It's the dubious story of two farcical men who work at a Job Centre. Every week, they are tempted by one of the very jobs that they should be giving to others. In the first episode, they become Night Watchmen in order to track down a ghost at the haunted Town Hall...

Look out for these people so you can bloody well avoid them as thoroughly as you can...

12th May, 2010

It's been an extremely rewarding couple of months with shooting on our sketch show pilot now drawing to a close. And now, following in the footsteps of the "Worst Case Scenario" Facebook Group, we can exclusively reveal that the title of our new sketch show is... ooh, steady there, steady... Woah, not too fast. Hey, no, HEY! Get back. Get the bloody hell back behind the sodding barriers. We put them there for a reason, do you see? So that idiots like you can't start storming- Oh, Christ! Get back, don't push, don't push. There's a little girl trapped. She's bloody trapped. Everyone move back. Please, move back. GET BACK! Oh, sorry, my bad, it wasn't a little girl, it was a sort of weird umbrella thing. Nevertheless, stop shoving. Wait your turn, there'll be enough announcement for everyone... Ok? Is everyone settled now? Is everyone calm? Can you all be trusted to stand and listen like grown-ups and not- WHO THREW THAT? You malapert little shits! That's gone right over me. You childish little fool, you ridiculous boar. Do you feel important now? Eh? Do you? Do you feel like the big man in front of all your little ugly friends? Yeah? Well, see how you like it then. See how you like this...

Is he ok? Oh, my God, seriously, is he going to be ok? I didn't mean to do it quite that hard. I thought he was going to duck anyway. Is he breathing? Is he ok? Call an ambulance! Someone call an ambulance! He's going to be ok, isn't he? Is he going to be ok? He moved! Thank God! He moved! Everyone get back, give him some air. Please let him breathe, let him breathe. Oh, he's dead.

Um, actually, now I can't recall what the sketch show's called...

18th March, 2010

Well, it seems to have been quite a long time coming but it's incredibly exciting that principal photography on the new sketch show pilot produced by JCBC Films gets under way this Saturday! The initial schedule is fairly ambitious and we hope to shoot five sketches on Saturday with a further three on Sunday. This will unfortunately necessitate candles, blood, Jamie Clark, Blaine Coughlan and a finger but luckily will also involve Maddy Carrick, Chloe Metcalfe, Rachel Nussbaum, cheesecake, golf clubs and bread. The weekend's sketches will be directed by your good friend and mine, the dependable Greg Smith. After this weekend, it's full speed ahead with a raft of new sketches and the debut of Fuzz Robards into the fray!

4th March, 2010

Hello alls. The world-renowned but as-yet very secretive sketch show pilot being produced by JCBC Films is rapidly gathering pace. We've even come up with a title for it now. We'll keep it under wraps for a little while longer for those of you who love suspense but presented below is the brand new shiny insignia made up of the show's initials so guesses on a postcard e-mail to! (And no, it's not "We Can't Samba" even though that's undeniably true.)

Shooting on the first sketches begins in London on Saturday 20th March 2010 (which is actually my sister's birthday although that has nothing to do with the scheduling) so keep your eyes peeled for new snippets as and when including whipped cream, digits and ducks.

29th January, 2010

Greetings, you lot. You'll be delighted to hear that the sketch show pilot that various people have been recently working on is taking shape. The scripts are now all in and facing their final tweaks. One sketch, in particular, is causing slight concerns though as the paper on which it is written has become sentient and has started having independent thoughts rather like those of Skynet from the "Terminator" films. Fortunately, this sketch doesn't appear to be having thoughts of eliminating the human race quite yet; at the moment, it is simply trying to devise a new method of nose blowing involving intricate suction valves and a sponge. This, in itself, is still fairly troubling though.

12th November, 2009

Hello, whatsit. Now is the time for a major JCBC News Bog announcement. Hooray! We are very proud to announce that up and coming maniacs Maddy Carrick, Fuzz Robards, Chloe Metcalfe and Rachel Nussbaum will be imminently joining the oft-spurned duo of JC and BC to work on a glorious new sketch show pilot. The project is as-yet untitled but, don't worry; that's not your fault.

27th October, 2009

Ok, so we've finally worked out how to actually update this page, that's the first big bit of news this week. Yes, it's taken the best part of four months but we'd really like to see you try to update a website whilst screaming in ceaseless and tormented anguish for the loss of the world's innocence on a daily basis.

Anyway, look out for some brand new sketches coming very soon to a website near you featuring some brand new guest stars that even we have never even met before.

20th July, 2009

Today, Jamie and Blaine were helped by their good friend Chris Rogers to make a website. If you are reading this, then they were successful. If you are not reading this, please do not be concerned by any of this any longer. It is quite possible that Blaine and Jamie were killed during this process as we felt that putting this website together was a bit like that experiment where they tried to explode electrons and neutrons (or protons, not really sure about any of this) in a big reactor.

12th July, 2009

World still here... Dentist, 9:30am. Don’t be rude like last time.

6th July, 2009

The end of the world. Say goodbye to the paperboy on the 10th as he is on holiday on the 11th.


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