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JCBC Films have been commended and honoured in many countries and at many film festivals. Highlights includes;

1925 – Best Hygiene – Sundance Film Festival

1982 – Best Goal – World Cup Finals, Spain

1987 – Best Breath – The Oscars

1989 – Best Attempt (Latin American Section) – Bafta

2001 – The Lifetime Achievement Award – Bolton Mecca Bingo Hall

2008 - Best Fight (Jamie Vrs Lady Pensioner) – Borstal

2008 – Special Mention for Smell (Blaine) – Wigan Clinic

2009 – Funniest Film Award Not In The English Language (“$%&**#~~§&§$!µ^@% - Part 2”) – The Sarcastic film Awards, Dave’s bedroom.

2009 – Most Harrowing Sucide Attempt (Blaine) – Chelmsford Weekly News

2009 – 3rd place – sack race (Jamie)* – Cleethorpes Primary School

2009 – Nobel Prize for Advocacy (sponsored by Nelson Mandela) – Cape Town †

* Under investigation
† Withdrawn immediately and the prize shut down forever.

JCBC Films have also enjoyed some very special notices. Here is a snapshot for your eyes to look at;

Ipswich Gazette

May they die. Let them die slowly. Oh God. Never again.

The News Of The World

I didn’t think it was too bad until my wife stabbed me and walked out with the kids.

The Manchester Evening News

Funny with a capital T. And if you didn’t get that, don’t worry, because that’s how I felt too.

Newcastle Evening Chronicle

Shearer then passed to Gallagher on the wing. Gallagher beat two men, then looked up and spotted the run by Robert Lee. Just as he was about to release the ball, two idiots ran onto the pitch with JCBC Films T-Shirts on. I’m delighted to report that they received a strong and substantial kicking from the Police and were left to die behind the goals as the game continued.

Taunton News

Lawnmower for sale. Blade needs sharpening. Will accept £10 ono. Apply JCBC Films.

Toronto Reporter

Dear Sir,

We are from England and have come to your country for political reasons. Imagine our disgust when we were pelted with stones after we tried to endear ourselves to your indigenous people by sacrificing animals to your God at a children’s party we stumbled upon. We have never felt so humiliated when your people shouted “Killers!” “Murderers” at us. We left England to escape this kind of abuse. Please ask your people to show us more respect in future, or we’ll murder the whole bloody lot of you.

JCBC Films


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